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A Selection of My Mixing Projects


A-HA - studio demos, live performances (released as bonus tracks)

Alanis Morissette - Live London 1995 (released)

Alice Cooper - Billion $ Babies live (released), MarYSol 1972, Killer 1972 (both unreleased)

Allman Brothers - Mar Y Sol 1972 (unreleased)

B52s - live Atlanta 2003 (unreleased)

BB King - Cafe Au GoGo 1968

Bette Midler - 1971 Hit Factory, 1972 alt LP, 1972 demos, 1972 Bitter End live (5 shows)

Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell outtakes (unreleased), Mob Rules outtakes (unreleased), Technical Ecstasy outtakes (unreleased), Hammersmith Odeon live 1980 (released), various Ozzy/Dio outtakes, More Live More Evil (1984 Live album, unreleased)

Bobby Darin - Sunset Sound 1968

Buddy Guy Junior Wells - released outtakes

Captain Beefheart - Lick My Decals Off, Clear Spot, The Spotlight Kid outtakes (umreleased)

Charles Mingus - Carnegie Hall 1974 (unreleased)

Charles Wright - 4 outtakes discs, some released

Chic - various mixes and outtakes, also Sister Sledge

Crazy Horse - 1st LP outtakes, Danny and Nils session

David Ackles - various outtakes (unreleased)

Dio - Holy Diver Tour (unreleased)

Dion - The Bitter End (1972?) partial release

Dr John - Sun Moon Herbs outtakes (unreleased)

Eagles - many outtakes from 1970s LPs (unreleased), Hotel California Live (unreleased)

Echo and the Bunnymen – Strange Days box set (outtakes and live material), Royal Albert Hall live live album (released)

Electric Prunes – Mass in F Minor (alternate versions, unreleased)

Elvis Costello – dozens of alternate versions, live shows and outtakes (some released as bonus discs on reissues, some not yet out)

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Mar Y Sol Festival live 1972 (released)

Eric Clapton - unknown track (unreleased)

Faces - Mar Y Sol 1972 (unreleased), LP outtakes (some unreleased)

Fleetwood Mac - Future Games (unreleased), Fleetwood Mac (1975 self-titled LP) box set (expanded with outtakes and live concert), Rumours (several issued discs of outtakes and full concert), Tusk box set (expanded: outtakes and live concert), Mirage (expanded CD set of outtakes), Tango in the Night (expanded CD set of outtakes)

Gene Clark - No Other LP outtakes (some released)

Ian Hunter - Berkely 79, Cleveland 79, London 79, You’re Never Alone LP outtakes, My Father’s Place 79, Something Simple

Insect Trust - 2nd LP outtakes (released?)

Jennifer Warnes - outtakes (unreleased)

Jimmy Webb - various outtakes

John Cale - Paris 1919 outtakes (some released)

John Hartford - outtakes (released)

Judee Sill - Troubadour 1971, two LPs outtakes (some released)

Judy Henske - LP outtakes (released)

Little Feat - Hotcakes and Outtakes box, + Lowell demo for “Sailin Shoes” (unreleased)

Long John Baldry - LP outtakes (released)

Loudon Wainwright -

MC5 - High Time LP, (some released)

McGarrigle Sisters - LP outtakes

Melanie - LP outtakes (released)

Meters - live

Montrose - Paris 1975 w Hagar (unreleased)

The New Age - (released)

Pretenders – Pirate Radio box set; various LP outtakes, all eras, (some released)

Paul Butterfield - live 1976 (released)

Paul Simon - various LP demos and outtakes, (unreleased!)

Peter Paul & Mary - live Japan 1970, (unreleased?)

Ramones - many LP outtakes all eras, live shows, all eras.

Randy Newman - early LP outtakes, Fats Domino demos 1968

Replacements - Live Maxwell’s, demos, etc. (some released)

Roky Erickson w Doug Sahm -

Roy Orbison - Haarlem Woman session

Ruthann Friedman - LP outtakes (some released)

Stone Temple Pilots – box set: various outtakes, live shows.

Stooges - 1st LP outtakes (some released as bonus tracks)

Sister Sledge - see also Chic, studio outtakes and mixes

Sisters of Mercy - all LP outtakes, alt versions (released)

Sly Stone/Stone Flower Records - (released elsewhere)

Talking Heads - many LP outtakes and live, (released mostly as bonus discs and box set special additions)

Television - outtakes from 1st two albums (good, mostly released)

The Smiths - session outtakes (some unreleased)

Tiny Tim - various studio outtakes, Live in London (released)

Tom Northcott  - studio outtakes (released)

Tom Waits - early LP outtakes, (unreleased)

Tony Joe White - various LP outtakes (released)

Twisted Sister - demos and alt mixes Stay Hungry, 2nd LP, live Marquee (some released)

Van Halen - outtakes/demos from all Dave Roth albums (unreleased)

Velvet Underground - post-Lou Reed demos (unreleased).

Warren Zevon - various LP and live outtakes, 1970s (largely released)