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Fiona and I worked on her 3rd album, a record that had been aborted. I knew we could do it without a big budget – as it was done without the label's knowledge - and the results were truly good: The album went gold and she was nominated for Best Female Vocal Grammy for the record.

YES – "Close To The Edge" Live, from Progeny

One of my favorite productions: a box set of 7 full YES concerts from the 1972 tour. There is also a 2-disc set of the best performances, called “Highlights from Seventy-Two”

BLACK OAK ARKANSAS – Sweet Delta Water

I threw my hat into the ring as the producer when this wild bunch decided to reform and make a new record. I went to Memphis to do this with them, a real pleasure to have such great tracks as this; it ought to be a timeless classic.

THE DICKIES – Golden Boys

Among my first things, and this remains one of my favorite records. This was an old song from The Germs, never fully finished until The Dickies put their ideas to it.

KINKY – Lay Back

Kinky are one of the best live bands I've seen in years. They allowed me to work with them on this track on their album, which was nominated for a Grammy that year.

THE MOOG COOKBOOK – Hotel California

A treasured part of my life, when Roger Manning and I met. We were kindred spirits and put our “obsolete” keyboard collections to good work. It was a project literally just for fun, and it was. We made 3 of the most over-the-top obnoxious keyboard/synthesizer records ever made. Mission accomplished!


This kind of music Is bread and butter for me; nothing beats the sound of 2 guitars panned wide, plus bass and drums. But it's been done so much that it takes great songs and personality to pull it off. This album made a lot of Top Ten lists for that year.

ELENI MANDELL – Giving Up the Fight

Hard to pick a favorite track from Eleni, as we've done so much together, and I love virtually every note that comes out of her. She's just an incredible songwriter who now has quite a following.

DAMIAN JOYCE – When You're Around (NYC)

Damian's got an amazing voice and writes so well. Our mutual friend, Keith Emerson, introduced us; Keith also played piano on this.