Brian Flash Console real300


KLAUS NOMI – Mon Coeur

Long after Klaus died, they'd made a documentary about him. I saw a screening and forced myself upon the makers, insisting I must be included on their project. They gave me a live show tape to work on a song: I used only the vocal (still truly amazed that this is a live club vocal) and did layers and layers of synthesizers late one night. 5 hours later, it was done and I could not stop listening to it; I really like it and it holds up to this day. Oddly enough, I think it was this very track that brought my friend Fiona Apple to think of me for producing her next album.

KIM MANNING – Love Gone Wrong

I grew up playing guitar, but for some reason I often end up on keyboards, at least in public view. I'm still a guitarist, mainly, and here's a track I played for a great singer, Kim Manning. It's not standout playing, but I'm pleased to report Mr George Clinton came to the mix session and asked who the guitarist on the track was...!


Just a beautiful track, happy to have contributed this mournful horn part on the unusual 360 Systems Keyboard.

ELENI MANDELL - He Thinks He's In Love With This Girl

Here on the Hammond organ doing a fair Korla Pandit impersonation.

BRIAN KEHEW – Timeless

Arranged for a song that was never released, we used this all-Mellotron string arrangement for the soundtrack to the Melodrama documentary by Dianna Dilworth.