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MIXING: Samples


I have to start with this one, as it was an unexpected pleasure. I love their early records, and although this original band had never made a proper live album, these tracks show how great their arrangements and energy was on a good night. I much prefer these live versions to the studio records (which are also great) and I'll always remember enjoying the days spent working on this.

PRETENDERS – I Can't Control Myself

Not a bad day at work when you're working on the early Pretenders records: This is an early demo, before their first record. A great version of an old Troggs' song.


Quite possibly my best single memory is doing this track, just a mind-blowing live version, from the Royal Albert Hall in London. This came out as a bonus track on their “Strange Days” box-set.

BLACK SABBATH – War Pigs (Live)

When growing up, Black Sabbath was my favorite band. (Unlike most people, I'm a fan of ALL their periods and singers, I just love their original doom-ey riff-rock power.) This is a track from a live record they aborted in 1984, and we found and “saved it.” I've produced another concert “More Live, More Evil” that is coming out someday...

LITTLE FEAT - Brickyard Blues

I remember hearing this come through the speakers, and as it came together, their stunning arrangement and playing really knocked me out: An incredible record, but never heard until their box set, Hotcakes, and Outtakes.

FLEETWOOD MAC – Gold Dust Woman (early version)

We've done quite a few records for Fleetwood Mac - album reissues with bonus tracks like this, and live concerts. As they are one of my favorite groups, it's great to hear their work. I came away a bigger fan of Stevie, who always shows up with a fully-completed song; every part is there and ready (she even plays guitar and piano, and these riffs for her songs she brought in to teach them.) Plus, there's those lyrics and that voice...

MINISTRY – The Missing (Live)

I seem to enjoy the live records, something about harnessing the raw and barely-controlled energy is really fun to do!) I saw Ministry on this tour, back in 1990. It was a brutal and crushing experience (which is good!) I tried to capture the feel of what I experienced in these mixes.

JANE'S ADDICTION – Mountain Song (Live)

For their amazingly creative box set (Cabinet of Curiosities) this is a live track from the Palladium in Hollywood, 1990.

THE STOOGES – Ann (uncut version)

The first Stooges LP is a classic, and many of the tracks were abbreviated to make the record more “pop” and accessible. Personally, when I heard the long versions, I was amazed. It makes the record much more about Ron Asheton, and less about Iggy. Either way, it's pretty great to hear...

RASPUTINA – Sweet Sister Temperance

Rasputina is my favorite musical entity on the planet: This “concept band” of heavy cellos was already my fave before I met and became friends with Melora Creager. Her music spans the widest range, from serious to funny, dark and bright, simple and complex. Eventually she brought an album for me to mix: I love this track, and you should hear more from her incredible catalog: She's on the world-class talent level of Jimi Hendrix or Monty Python.

THE MUFFS – From Your Girl

After years of back-and-forth driving to do projects out in L.A., engineering this album got me to move here permanently. The Muffs have a perfect blend of melody and roughness, and this song is just brilliant writing. (I remember hearing them rehearse this, and the chord progression made no sense – until I heard the melody. And Korla Pandit plays the intro!) I recorded and mixed this one for Warner Bros in the Nirvana era, and it should have done much, much better; it's a great album from a great band.

VAN MORRISON – I've Been Working (early version)

An interesting project; we went through the tapes of the classic Moondance album. Almost every take of each song was great, so they decided to put it ALL on a boxset. It's a beautiful package, too, and such great playing on these tapes.