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Brian Kehew_Studio_Jam

Studio work is my home territory, what I have done the best and longest.

After 10 years of dividing my time between various roles, studio work finally took off and has kept me busy since. I still produce and engineer (and sometimes play) on new artists' records, I have largely been working for Warner Bros to reissue classic tracks from the vaults.

My tendency to stay with tape and work quickly is perfect for this job. The items we handle are amazing and have certainly brought me the most incredible projects on which to work.  Sometimes I have to match the 1950s style of The Coasters, Willie Nelson's true country, heavy Hendrix, Pantera, Mingus in NYC, Aretha's soul, Ministry's crushing live sound, ELP and YES's progressive explorations - the styles are all over the map!

I grew up loving ALL kinds of music, from classical to experimental, and pop/rock is my home and base for most things we do.