Brian Flash Console real300


PhattyStage2 largeI spent a day consulting with the on-site Moog engineers who were working on the Little Phatty, then an un-named prototype in 2005.

It sure had great options and sonics, they had really studied the best features of classic Moog circuits.

We worked on some layout and programming options, decisions made by the thousands in the development of any serious instrument today. Being a heavy user, some things just make more sense to a player than an engineer but working side-by-side with them, you can really come to even better solutions than if either side were left in charge.

Axel Hartmann's superb and distinctive design really made this synth take off. There are few who notice the sound is really present and clear, but nearly everyone goes crazy over the look of it. A very successful little synthesizer, the first one designed after Bob Moog had passed away.