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Current background projects I'm working on are:


Electronic Music History: The new blog I'll be doing, articles on various aspects of traditional Electronic Music that I'm discovering.

Trident A-Range: The story of the legendary mixing boards.

The Minimoog Book: I am editor and contributor on a coming book on Moog Minimoog history; a collaboration between some of the original engineers and some of the brightest minds in the field; it should be a unique book, unlike anything was ever seen in the field before. 

Stephens Tape Recorders: John Stephens was an unusual and mysterious designer of some incredible recorders. A small team has been digging into his history and will produce a website of free documents for service and other information.

Michael Schenker: details of the guitars (Gibson Flying V) used by one of my favorite musicians.

W6XAO: At an estate sale, I found the "lost" original logbooks of the first Television station on the West Coast, circa 1936-39. I'm hoping to reveal some of their information on a new blog site. 

... and two major (top secret) book projects coming in the next year or two, TBA!