Brian Flash Console real300


MOOGERFOOGER pedalsOne of my favorite memories is going to visit Bob Moog at the small shop called Big Briar in Asheville, NC.

In 1997, he was only making theremins. I stayed for the day, watching what they did and meeting the crew there, which I think was 10 or 12 people. Bob showed me 2 prototypes for some new pedal ideas (Lowpass Filter and Ring Modulator) which were strong, sturdy, and had great sonics. 

They were far more professional and wide-ranging than anyone's stompbox. He said he was going to put a CV (control voltage) input jack on each, so you could control one of the features with a pedal. I asked him to add one jack per each knob, instead, as you could then control anything or interface them to an old synth or sequencer. He got the concept right away and did it.

The pedals are real workhorses, now used all over and still are the best-quality pedals I've ever seen.